Photo’s from WAA in Maine 2018

My family and I were invited to WAA in Maine, to see as much as we could see in a day. I’m sure there is so much more to see but I learned a lot more about Wreaths then I thought I would. The Worcester family was very gracious, and the WAA employees were always there to help.

After arriving we went to the Good and Plenty Resturant for dinner, compliments of the Worcester Family. There were other WAA Location Coordinators there from Texas, Kansas, all very nice people



My family Joan, James and myself in a troley pulled by a tractor, touring the property where the trees are.


Sitting up front Morrill Worcester is telling us all about how they grow and take care of the Balsam Trees.


The Chapel is out in the middle of the property, it is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. When electric is needed they have a large generator to do the job. Worcester have donated land and adventurely there will be a National Cemetery built on it.


Joan, James amd myself by the Chapel



This is a Gold Star Monument across from the Chapel.


My grandson James Anthony king


From left to right Morrill Worcester, Joan King, James King, “Rabbi” Karen Worcester


In the afternoon they took us out to tag trees, they made the DOG TAGS for us the one below is for my dad.


The U.S. Army Drill Team proformed for us in the evening, just before a concert.


The Army guys below are the Six String Band, they open for a country singer they were great. and by the way the concert was out in the woods as well.